FH Fee Estimator ® for Healthcare Professionals

Understanding local market trends can help small practices achieve long-term success.

Focus on patient care and let the data inform practice business strategies.

FH Fee Estimator is provided for licensed healthcare providers in solo or small medical and dental practices (fewer than 5 licensed medical professionals) only, to license FAIR Health data products for internal, permitted uses. This site is not intended for use by bill review or revenue cycle management companies, consultants, insurers, payors or others. If you are not a licensed healthcare provider or if you wish to license data for other uses, please call (855) 301-FAIR (3247) or email service@fairhealth.org to be connected with a member of the FAIR Health team who can discuss license options with you.

Licensing the FH Fee Estimator Data is easy!

  • Select the specialties and geographic areas you are interested in.
  • Complete a simple online order process.
  • Data will be made available to you via an online portal.

Charges in the database are an aggregation of non-discounted fees-for-service as reported by healthcare professionals on claims submitted to private insurers. Features include:

  • Up-to-date:  We update FH Fee Estimator ® benchmarks twice a year.
  • Diverse contributors:  Benchmarks are based on over 2 billion claim records submitted each year from large and small insurance companies and third-party administrators.
  • Common and rarely performed procedures:  We create benchmarks from actual charges reported by healthcare professionals; for rarely performed procedures, we derive benchmark charges using a relative value and conversion factor methodology.
  • Multiple benchmarks: A range of benchmark percentiles are provided for each procedure code/geographic area combination.
  • Unbiased and transparent:  FAIR Health works with all stakeholders in the healthcare community and offers detailed information on how we gather and compile data.

FH Fee Estimator ®

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