FH Fee Estimator ® for
Healthcare Professionals

Understanding local market trends can help practices ensure their long-term success. Focus on patient care and let the data inform practice business strategies.

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Update for COVID-19

FAIR Health is fully operational and employees are working remotely. We do not anticipate any change to service levels. However, if you call our customer service line (855-301-3247) and do not get a live representative, please leave a message or email service@fairhealth.org. One of our representatives will get back to you shortly.

A Window into Your Healthcare Market

FH Fee Estimator includes benchmark charge information for thousands of procedures billed in 493 geographic areas across the country, providing cost data that are relevant to both single- and multi-location practices. Armed with reliable information about the marketplace, you and your staff can:

  • Evaluate network participation
  • Review and design fee schedules
  • Inform strategies for out-of-network services
  • Develop strategies for bundled payments
  • Assess practice expansion into new geographic areas
  • Model revenue when purchasing or leasing new equipment; and
  • Evaluate the impact of adding a new specialty or business line to your practice

Data are available for more than 35 medical specialties and dentistry.
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FH Fee Estimator

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