FH Fee Estimator ® for
Healthcare Professionals

Understanding local market trends can help practices ensure their long-term success. Focus on patient care and let the data inform practice business strategies.

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A Window into Your Healthcare Market

FH Fee Estimator ® includes benchmark charge information for thousands of procedures billed in 493 geographic areas across the country, providing cost data that are relevant to both single- and multi-location practices. Armed with reliable information about the marketplace, you and your staff can:

  • Evaluate network participation
  • Review and design fee schedules
  • Inform strategies for out-of-network services
  • Develop strategies for bundled payments
  • Assess practice expansion into new geographic areas
  • Model revenue when purchasing or leasing new equipment; and
  • Evaluate the impact of adding a new specialty or business line to your practice

Data are available for more than 35 medical specialties and dentistry.
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FH Fee Estimator ®

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